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[[Category:Battle of Hogwarts participants]]
[[Category:Battle of Hogwarts participants]]
[[Category:Death Eater Allies]]
[[Category:Death Eater allies]]
[[Category:1998 deaths]]
[[Category:1998 deaths]]

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—The giant being hold down by roots.[src]

The giant being hold down by roots on the ground of Hogwarts.

This individual was a giant who fought in the Battle of Hogwarts on the 1 May, 1998 for Lord Voldemort. When arriving at the battle he is, however grabbed by the roots in the grounds of Hogwarts, which holds him down and tries to strangle him. However, he manages to break free and is later seen in Viaduct Courtyard, battling in the Courtyard Apocalypse. He is killed during that battle.

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