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[[Category:British individuals]]
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[[Category:Dark wizards]]
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This individual was a wizard and one of Lord Voldemort's Death Eaters in the Second Wizarding War.


The man was probably born sometime in or before 1987, and it is likely given his knowledge and prowess in the magical arts that he was trained at a wizarding school, possibly Hogwarts. In 1998, he attended the Battle of Hogwarts, and after the Death Eaters managed to break the protective enchantments protecting the castle, he blew up part of the battlements around The Quad, and Apparated into the catwalks by the Quad battlements. There, he killed a man and duelled with Arthur Weasley; he with a Killing Curse and Arthur with either a Stunning Spell or Disarming Charm. This resulted in a Priori Incantatem-like effect (though of course such was nearly impossible). If he managed to survive the battle, he likely was either killed or incarcerated in Azkaban.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

  1. He had to have been at least seventeen to have graduated from a magical school and become a Death Eater.
  2. The Death Eaters killed and tortured Muggle-borns, so it's highly unlikely they'd employ one.
  3. J. K. Rowling said that no Death Eaters can produce Patronuses.

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