"Harry Stunned the Death Eater as they passed..."

This man was a Death Eater in at least 1998.


Born in or before the 1980s, most likely to a pure or half-blood family, he procured a magic wand and was trained in the magical arts.

He was hired by Lord Voldemort sometime before May of 1998, and accepted his employment choice.

On the 1 May in 1998, the man was called upon to fight in the Battle of Hogwarts in Scotland.

Sometime throughout the battle, he was stunned by Harry Potter in the Viaduct Courtyard.

His fate is left ambiguous, though it is probable that he was killed or else captured and imprisoned in Azkaban.

Physical appearance

This man had a small black moustache, short black hair, and narrow eyes. He was of an average height and build, with Caucasian skin flushed from the battle. He wore a pair of black boots and a black cape, as well as a shirt that, right before he was Stunned, shone brightly.

Personality and traits

If his occupation reveals his personality, he was a cruel, sadistic person, cunning yet not entirely as intelligent as most people. However, not much is known of this aspect of him, as he was only briefly seen.


Notes and references

  1. He was a Death Eater in the 1990s, though he wasn't neccessarily of age, as Voldemort allowed underage wizards to join the Death Eaters
  2. Him being a Death Eaters implies that he was most likely of wizarding heritage, though Voldemort asked muggle-borns to joiin the Death Eaters in rare cases.
  3. Rowling said in an interview that no Death Eater except Severus Snape could produce a Patronus.