Amulet-seller: "One for your little girl, madam? Protect her pretty little neck?"
Arthur Weasley: "If I were on duty..."
Molly Weasley: "Yes, but don't go arresting anyone now, dear, we're in a hurry."
— The street peddler attempts to sell Molly Weasley a supposed protective amulet.[src]

This individual was a wizard who sold Amulets in 1996 in Diagon Alley. He tried to sell one to Molly Weasley to give to Ginny Weasley, however Arthur Weasley threatened him with arrest.[1] He was one of many preying, in various ways, on the renewed fear which the wizarding populace felt due to the recently acknowledged return of Voldemort and his followers.


Notes and references

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