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Unicorn hair
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Firenze: "Harry Potter, do you know what unicorn blood is used for?"
Harry: "No. We've only used the horn and tail hair in Potions."
— Firenze asks Harry Potter a very serious question.[src]

Unicorn hair was a magical substance with a variety of uses, originating on the body of a unicorn but frequently being shedded.

Known uses

  • Unicorn tail hairs are used in potions, though their exact uses and properties are unknown[1]. This was commented on by Harry Potter during conversation with Firenze[1].
  • Rubeus Hagrid found that unicorn hairs could be used to bind bandages.
  • Unicorn hair can be used in wandmaking; they produce the most consistent magic, least subject to fluctuations and blockages, most difficult to turn to the Dark Arts and the most faithful of wands[2]. However, they do not make the most powerful of wands and are prone to melancholy if mishandled[2]. Garrick Ollivander made wands with unicorn hairs.

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