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Unfogging the Future is a book on the subject of Divination written by the celebrated Seer, Cassandra Vablatsky, and published by Rumiharts Books.[1] During Harry Potter's time at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the book was a required textbook for students taking Divination studies from third year onwards.

It is a thick, black-bound book and is an ideal guide for those starting Divination, covering basic fortune-telling topics such as the reading of tea leaves, palmistry, crystal ball gazing, and bird entrails.

Tea leaf symbols

  • Acorn - "windfall, unexpected gold"
  • Club - "an attack"
  • Cross - "trials and suffering"
  • Falcon - "a deadly enemy"
  • Five-leaf clover - "You can expect to wake with a horrible rash tomorrow morning, dear"[2]
  • The Grim - "death"
  • Skull - "danger in your path"
  • Sun - "great happiness"


Notes and references

Professors: Sybill Trelawney · Firenze
Known Seers: Calchas · Cassandra Vablatsky · Cassandra Trelawney · Inigo Imago · Mopsus · Professor Mopsus · Unidentified female Seer · Unidentified male Seer
Textbooks: The Dream Oracle · Unfogging the Future
Methods: Astrology · Cartomancy · Catoptromancy · Crystal-gazing · Crystal ball · Dream interpretation · Fire-omens · Heptomology · Ichthyomancy · Palmistry · Ornithomancy · Tarot cards · Tessomancy
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