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"Anything from the trolley?"
—The lady advertising the trolley[src]

The Trolley witch (born before 1830, fl. 2020[3]) is an elderly witch who is one of the two known crew members aboard the Hogwarts Express.[4] She comes around during the middle of the journey, pushing the Honeydukes Express, with lots of goods to purchase.


She was hired around 1830 by Ottaline Gambol. She claims to have made around six million Pumpkin Pasties and reveals to Albus Potter and Scorpius Malfoy that she secretly made them into mini grenades. She then threw one to prove it. She also claims to have done something to Chocolate Frog Cards too. She states that people buy her food but never really notice her and that she can't recall the last time someone asked her name, something which she herself has even forgotten.[1]

In 1997, she attended the funeral of Albus Dumbledore.[5]

She apprehends Albus and Scorpius when they try to get off the Hogwarts Express, stating that others such as Sirius Black and his cronies and Fred and George Weasley have tried before but failed. She tells them that the train doesn't take too kindly to students trying to get off it before it reaches its destination, and transfigures her hands into claws to scare them. She then asks them to go back to their seats. When the two nevertheless escape, she is highly embarrassed.[1]

Personality and traitsEdit

"Anything sweet for you, dear?"
—Trolley lady to Harry Potter[src]

The witch is elderly and slightly hunchback. She is, however, a solemn but kind person, treating and serving all the passengers of the Hogwarts Express equally and kindly. However, she gets upset when students try to get off the train and turns more sinister, turning her hands into claws to scare them.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit


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