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The Troll of Nadroj
Troll of Nadroj
Species information
Height of average adult

Twelve feet

  • Giant club
  • Horned legs
  • Huge hands
Ministry of Magic Classification




The Troll of Nadroj is a breed of Troll. It is similar in appearance to a Mountain Troll, but it has huge, disproportionate hands.

The Troll of Nadroj is covered in The Monster Book of Monsters[1] and, as such, was part of the third-year Care of Magical Creatures curriculum at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry under Professor Rubeus Hagrid.

Behind the scenes

  • "Nadroj" is "Jordan" written backwards. As such, the name of this breed of troll may be a reference to the propmaker.


Notes and references

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