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Transylvanian National Quidditch team

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Transylvanian National Quidditch team
Quidditch Team information

Transylvania, Romania

Most Glorious Hour

Contesting the first ever Quidditch World Cup final.

Behind the scenes
First appearance

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Latest appearance

Quidditch Through the Ages

The Transylvanian National Quidditch team is the Quidditch team that represents Transylvania in international Quidditch.


1473 Quidditch World Cup final

This team was one of the finalists of the 1473 Quidditch World Cup against Flanders. During the match, the team Captain released a hundred Vampire bats onto the pitch from under his robes. During this game, every one of the seven hundred potential fouls in Quidditch were committed.

1994 Quidditch World cup

During the 1994 Quidditch World Cup finals, the Transylvanian team beat England three hundred ninety to ten.


Scotland played a friendly match against Transylvania.[1]


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