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Transformation (a.k.a. Transubstantial Transfiguration[1]) is the name given to a branch of transfiguration that focuses on deforming the physical features of an object. It is not to be confused with Trans-species Transformation, though that is a type of Transformation.

It contains the following sub-groups all of which overlap with each other to varying degrees): Human Transfiguration, defined by and named for the target being a human being; Switches, which simultaneously exchange features between organism; and the aforementioned Trans-Species Transformations, which refer to Transformations that change organisms from one species to another.


Transformation can be achieved in a number of different ways, namely: Transforming spells[2], Animagi, Metamorphmagi and Lycanthropy.

Transforming spells


Raven to Writing Desk

The Raven into Writing Desk spell.

Trans-Species Transforming spells

Human Transfigurations


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