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(I uncapitalized "transformation" where inappropriate.)
(Transforming spells)
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[[File:Raven_to_Writing_Desk.jpg|thumb|The Raven into Writing Desk spell.]]
[[File:Raven_to_Writing_Desk.jpg|thumb|The Raven into Writing Desk spell.]]
*[[Avifors Spell]]: Transforms things into birds<ref name="PSVG">''{{PSVG}}''</ref>
*[[Cauldron to Sieve]]
*[[Cauldron to Sieve]]: Transforms cauldrons into sieves<ref name="TCG">''[[Harry Potter Trading Card Game]]''</ref>
*''[[Draconifors]]'': Turns statues of dragons into real dragons.<ref name = "POAVG">{{POAVG}}</ref>
*[[Draconifors Spell]]: Transforms things into dragons<ref name="POAVG">{{POAVG}}</ref>
*[[Hardening Charm]]: Transforms things into stone
*[[Ears to kumquats]]
*[[Ears to kumquats]]: Transforms a person's ears into kumquats
*''[[Fera Verto]]'': Transfigures target animal into a water goblet.<ref>{{COSF}} & {{OOTPVG}}</ref>
*''[[Vera Verto]]'': Transforms animals into goblets<ref>{{COSF}}</ref><ref>{{OOTPVG}}</ref>
*[[Glass to sand shield]]
*[[Glass to sand shield]]: Transforms glass into sand.
*''[[Incarcifors]]'': Captures things<ref name="TCG"/>
*[[Lapifors Spell]]: Transforms things into rabbits<ref name="POAVG"/>
*[[Match to needle]]
*[[Match to needle]]: Transforms matches into needles
*[[Meddling Man to Monkey]]: Transforms a meddling man into a monkey<ref name="PSF">{{PSF}}</ref>
*[[Raven to Writing Desk]]<ref>''[[Harry Potter Trading Card Game]]''</ref>
*''[[Piscifors]]'': Transforms things into fish
*[[Rock to dog]]
*[[Raven to Writing Desk]]<ref name="TCG"/>
*[[Rock to dog]]: Transforms rocks into dogs
*[[Smoke to daggers]]
*''[[Scribblifors]]'': Transforms things into quills<ref name="TCG"/>
*''[[Snufflifors]]'': Turns books into mice.<ref name = "POAVG" />
*[[Smoke to daggers]]: Transforms smoke into daggers
*[[Small Child to Rat]]<ref name="PSF"/>
*[[Snufflifors Spell]]: Transforms things into mice<ref name="POAVG"/>
*''[[Steelclaw]]'': Transforms claws into steel<ref name="TCG"/>
*''[[Tentaclifors]]'': Turns a person's head into a tentacle
*''[[Tentaclifors]]'': Turns a person's head into a tentacle

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Transformation (a.k.a. Transubstantial Transfiguration[1]) is the name given to a branch of transfiguration that focuses on deforming the physical features of an object. It is not to be confused with Trans-species Transformation, though that is a type of transformation.

It contains the following sub-groups all of which overlap with each other to varying degrees): Human Transfiguration, defined by and named for the target being a human being; Switches, which simultaneously exchange features between organism; and the aforementioned Trans-Species Transformations, which refer to transformations that change organisms from one species to another.


Transformation can be achieved in a number of different ways, namely: Transforming spells[2], Animagi, Metamorphmagi and Lycanthropy.

Transforming spells


Raven to Writing Desk

The Raven into Writing Desk spell.

Trans-Species Transforming spells

Human Transfigurations


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