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"The Magazine that Changes Lives."
—The magazine's slogan.[src]

Transfiguration Today was a scholarly journal focusing on the latest news on developments in the field of Transfiguration.[2] It published articles[3] as well as papers submitted by prominent and knowledgeable figures in the subject.[4]

The magazine was also known for awarding the Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award to accomplished Hogwarts School students who extraordinarily excelled in Transfiguration.[5]


"Transfiguration Today is a learned publication filled with papers by eminent witches and wizards. Professor Minerva McGonagall once won the Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award."

During his student years at Hogwarts School in the 1890s, Albus Dumbledore wrote some papers to the magazine,[2] at least one of which on Trans-Species Transformation.[4] Bathilda Bagshot was favourably impressed with the paper, leading to her acquaintance with him and the Dumbledore family.[4] Around 30 years later, Dumbledore was a contributing columnist by 29 November, 1926, being "enraptured" at the honour.[6] Almost a century later, in 1991, Dumbledore was still an attentive reader of this periodical.[7] Minerva McGonagall also kept at least one issue in her office.

In the summer of 1993, during Harry Potter's stay at the Leaky Cauldron in London, he noticed some venerable-looking wizards arguing over the latest article in Transfiguration Today over breakfast.[3]

In her student years, in the 1950s, Minerva McGonagall was awarded with the Transfiguration Today Most Promising Newcomer award.[5] In her adult years, McGonagall became Transfiguration teacher at Hogwarts School, and in her spare time she made the scientifical revision of the articles in the magazine.[8]

In 1999, the magazine ran an advertisement on the Daily Prophet, which included a coupon entitling the bearer to a free Muggle Guard with the December, 1999 issue.[9]

Known editions

2579 (1926)


2585 (1926)

Transfiguration Today - Edition 2085


Notes and references

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