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The Transfiguration Spell (incantation unknown) was a spell that transformed one thing into something entirely different.[1] When cast on a human or other living creature, it transformed the target into a mouse or a frog.[1] However, when cast on an inanimate object, it could turn the target into a much wider variety of objects, potentially anything.[2]


Professor Minerva McGonagall taught her first year students this spell in September of the 1991-1992 school year.[1]

She first gave a demonstration by animating a dummy and then, when the dummy made to attack Neville Longbottom, transforming it with this spell into a mouse, which promptly ran away.[1]

She then animated a series of dummies and had her students transform them into either mice or frogs and have the transformed creatures run into a set of prearranged cages.[1]

In another lesson, she taught the inanimate version of this spell. She tasked students with Transfiguring three objects located on the side wall of her classroom. The objects were a bookshelf (Transfigured into a locked chest), a globe (Transfigured into a stone pillar), and a statue (Transfigured into a desk). Satisfied with this, she noted their were additional objects in her classroom that the spell could be practised on and dismissed the class.[2]

Casting and effects

To perform the spell, one must swipe their wand quickly through the air so that it points directly at the object that must be transfigured; a brilliant jet of red light will shoot like a comet from the tip, exploding into a vivid burst of red light around the target.[1] When the target emerges from the light, it will have become whatever the caster so desires.[1]


Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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