The Tracking Spell[1] (Appare Vestigium[2]) is a spell that reveals and illuminates traces of recent magical activity, and shows magical footprints and track marks in an area.


Appare Vestigium 2

In 1927, Newton Scamander employed Appare Vestigium in his investigative attempt to track the whereabouts of Porpentina Goldstein.[1]


  • Appare is a Latin word in the imperative form (present active, second-person, singular) meaning "you appear (now)", a conjugation of the verb appareo ("I appear, or come into sight").[3]
  • On the other hand, vestigium is Latin for "footprint or track", or in a broader sense, any form of "trace, vestige or mark".[4]
  • Taken together, the incantation Appare Vestigium can be interpreted as a command, "footprints, traces, you appear now".

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