The Toyohashi Tengu are a Quidditch team based in Toyohashi, Japan. They are the most successful Japanese team, and narrowly missed a win in 1994 against the Gorodok Gargoyles. Their practise of burning their broomsticks after a defeat was frowned upon by the International Confederation of Wizards' Quidditch Committee as a waste of good wood.

The Tengu are the current Champion's League winners, and every member attributes their prowess to the gruelling training they were given at Mahoutokoro, where they practise over a sometimes turbulent sea in stormy conditions, forced to keep an eye out not only for the Bludgers but also for planes from the Muggle airbase on a neighbouring island.

Behind the scenes

  • Tengu are mythical Japanese creatures, traditionally portrayed as having a humanoid shape, but the wings and beak of a bird of prey.
  • Toyohashi is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan.


  • "Tengu" (天狗) means "heavenly dog", and can be broken into two characters:
    • 天, "ten" or "ama" means "heaven".
    • 狗, "ku" (an alternate reading of "gu"), "kō", or "inu" means "dog".