Torquil Travers was a member of the Pure-blood Travers family, and a Ministry of Magic official. In 1927, he — accompanied by a number of Ministry wizards that included Theseus Scamander, Head of the Auror Office — was sent to Hogwarts Castle to question Albus Dumbledore about Newton Scamander's rumoured voyage to Paris.

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  • Torquil is an Anglicised form of the Norwegian and Swedish masculine name Torkel, and the Scottish Gaelic name Torcall, ultimately stemming from the Old Norse name Þorkell. This Old Norse name is made up of the two elements: Þór, meaning "Thor" the Norse god of thunder; and kell (in some variants ketill), meaning "(sacrificial) cauldron".
  • Travers is an English and Irish surname that means "toll or tolltaker" (as on bridges), "traverser" (Norman: "to cross"), "skillful", or (in French) "from the crossroads."

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