Ron: "Oh, come on, half the people you see wearing those badges only bought them last season-"
Hermione: "But what does it matter!"
Ron: "It means they're not real fans, they're just jumping on the bandwagon-"
— Ron and Hermione argue over the badges[src]

A Tornados badge is a badge worn by people who were fans of the Quidditch team Tutshill Tornados. It features a double gold 'T' against sky-blue background.


Cho Chang, a student at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry a year over Harry Potter, was a great fan of the Tornados. Ronald Weasley was an opponent of the team and began a discussion with Cho, asking her how long she had been a supporter of the team. He later explained that many people had just recently started wearing those badges, presumably because the Tornados were winning the league at the time.[1]


Notes and references

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