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"It wasn't a pretty sight. Hermione's front teeth - already larger than average - were now growing at an alarming rate; she was looking more and more like a beaver as they elongated, past her bottom lip, towards her chin - panic-stricken, she felt them, and let out a terrified cry."


The Tooth-Growing Spell (Densaugeo) is a hex which forces the victim's two front teeth to elongate, growing grotesquely at an alarmingly fast rate. It can also be used to transform a tooth or multiple teeth so that, when they are nearly gone and only the smallest pieces, a witch or wizard could return them to their original size. The Shrinking Charm can be used to counteract this spell.



The incantation is derived from Latin "dens", which means "tooth", and "augeo", which translates to "increase" or "grow".

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