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Tilly Toke, Order of Merlin, First Class, (1903-1991) was a witch who saved the lives of several Muggles during the Ilfracombe Incident in 1932.[1]


Holidaying in Ilfracombe

Tilly had been holidaying with her family in Ilfracombe, in Devon in 1932. One day, a rogue Common Welsh Green dragon swooped down upon the beach, full of sunbathing Muggles. Along with her family, Tilly fended off the attack, thus preventing any fatalities. The family then proceeded to perform "the largest batch of Memory Charms this century" on the inhabitants of Ilfracombe.[2]

The Toke family were all awarded Order of Merlin, First Class, for their heroic action in Ilfracombe.[2]


In 1993, a Portrait of Tilly was hung at the first-floor corridor of Hogwarts Castle, protecting a secret area. A password was needed to access it. The password to said portrait was Dirigible.


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