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[[fr:Tiberius]][[ru:Тиберий Маклагген]]
[[fr:Tiberius]][[ru:Тиберий Маклагген]][[pl:Tyberiusz]]
[[Category:20th century births]]
[[Category:20th century births]]
[[Category:British individuals]]
[[Category:British individuals]]

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Tiberius (fl. 1970) was a wizard and the uncle of Cormac McLaggen. Tiberius worked at the Ministry of Magic. He was close with the Minister for Magic, Rufus Scrimgeour, and would often go hunting with him and Bertie Higgs. When he attended Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, he was a member of Horace Slughorn's Slug Club.


The name "Tiberius" is a Roman praenomen, or given name, meaning "of the Tiber" in Latin. The Tiber is the river that runs through Rome. Tiberius was the second Roman emperor, the stepson of emperor Augustus.


Notes and references

  1. Slughorn resigned from his teaching position in 1981, meaning Tiberius would have been a member of the Slug Club by at least then.

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