This individual was a wizard who, in 1379, partook in an international duelling contest on Dartmoor.[1]

The duelling was noted, by witnesses, to have been of a standard that few had ever seen before. As the contest progressed, only four contestants remained: this wizard, two other wizards, and an English witch, Elizabeth Smudgling.[1]

The first semi-finalist was defeated by the second semi-finalist, making this individual face the second wizard.


The third semi-finalist faces the second semi-finalist

His opponent brought a great storm cloud down from the sky, drenching him in freezing-cold rain and forcing him to evade bolts of lightning. He then got the idea to call a powerful cyclone, which not only blew away the storm, but also the second wizard, the judges, most of the spectators and several trees.[1]

It took several hours for everyone to regroup. Frightened of what the third wizard might do for his encore, the judges attempted to talk Elizabeth Smudgling, the last remaining finalist, out of duelling him, telling her that it might be easier if they simply gave him the cup before anyone else got hurt, but she refused.[1]


Elizabeth Smudgling disarms the third semi-finalist

Smudgling and the third wizard then went up against each other. On the count of three, the wizard began a long, complex incantation that would have caused a mountain to break out of the ground and fall upon Smudgling's head had he been given the opportunity to complete it. However, Smudgling beat him to the punch, quickly murmuring the incantation for the Disarming Charm and sending his wand flying out of his hand. She was awarded the title of "Supreme Dueller" and the Disarming Charm became one of the most useful spells in any dueller's repertoire.[1]


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