"The Ryme of Gormless Morgan" was a poem composed by Miranda Goshawk and published in the Book of Spells as the conundrum accompanying the book's fourth chapter. The poem tells the tale of Gormless Morgan, a wizard who was made in charge of capturing the Gorgon, a beast that turned men to stone.

The poem

There was a young wizard called Morgan
Whose boss said: 'Go capture the Gorgon!
The creature's so vile
That it might take a while,
Use your brain! It's a most useful organ.'
The Gorgon was fearsome and clever
(Two things that poor Morgan was never).
By staring alone
She could turn men to stone
So they'd have to be statues forever.
Morg's friends told him: 'Think out a plan, first!'
But of all things, he hated to think worst.
'Don't make such a fuss
I'll just take a truss
And trap her before I can be cursed!'
He tried sneaking up from behind her,
But here is a little reminder:
The mirror was made
As a rear-viewing aid
Thus the Gorgon watched Morgan come find her.
They stared in the glass, fiend and Morgan
Four eyes met (of man and of Gorgon):
With no time to moan
Morg was turned into stone
And he never came back; he was forgone.
What was the Gorgon, which Morgan was not?
What traits did she have (while he was a clot)?
What ought you to be, if you would survive?
What qualities help you in staying alive?