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The New York Ghost[1] was a wizarding newspaper based in New York.[2] It was published daily from at least 1863[3] and offered an evening Sunset Edition as well as a West Coast supplement every Thursday. A single issue cost 0.03 dragots, while a 12 month subscription cost 5 dragots and was delivered by owl. Its slogan was "Enchanted Dispatches to the American Wizard."[2]

Known editions

28 November 1926 edition

NewYorkGhost 1926-11-28

6 December 1926 edition


Edition from unknown date

  • Risking War with No-Majs
    • I.C.W. convened for Emergency Talks
    • MACUSA...Is the USA Ready?
  • Love at First Bite: The Unlikely Tale of a Vampire
  • Yellowstone disturbances "holds no magical connections" says Picquery
  • Splinched Finger Chaos at Charleston Chicken Factory
  • Fire Halts Play at Annual Gobstones...
  • Acclaimed Poetess...
  • ...with Hagpipes


  • The New York Ghost may be a play on the New York Post, one of America's oldest newspapers.

Behind the scenes


Notes and references

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