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" It just won't budge, Mrs Weasley was saying anxiously, standing over Hermione with her wand in her hand and a copy of The Healer's Helpmate open at Bruises, Cuts, and Abrasions."
—Mrs. Weasley trying to heal Hermione's eye[src]

The Healer's Helpmate was a book compiled by H. Pollingtonious[1] and published by Flourish & Blotts Publishers.[2] It covered magical remedies to common ailments, and included a chapter called "Bruises, Cuts, and Abrasions."[3]

Molly Weasley owned a copy of this book.[3] She consulted it in 1996 to try and find a way to remove a bruise that Hermione Granger got as a result of using one of Fred and George Weasley's punching telescopes.[3]


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