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The Hanged Man
Location information

Little Hangleton, England



The Hanged Man was a pub in the Muggle part of Little Hangleton, a village in England. Town residents flocked there to gossip with each other on the night that the entire Riddle family was murdered. Later on, the Riddles' cook arrived at the pub, and announced to everyone present that Frank Bryce had been arrested. The landlord of the pub announced that he thought the war had turned Bryce "funny," perhaps indicating his belief in the gardener's guilt.[1]


The Hanged Man is a Tarot card, also known as "the Traitor," which depicts a man hanging upside-down by one foot from a wooden beam or a tree. It is generally considered to have profound but ambiguous significance, often associated with the destruction of the self, letting go of worldly attachments, and viewing things from a different perspective.


Notes and references

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