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(This is never confirmed.)
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[[fr:Le Grand Humberto]]
[[fr:Le Grand Humberto]]
[[pl:Wielki Humberto]]
[[Category:Television programmes|Great Humberto]]
[[Category:Television programmes|Great Humberto]]

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The Great Humberto is a television programme that Dudley Dursley, cousin of Harry Potter, liked to watch on Monday nights when he was eleven, however Harry seemed to think that it was stupid. When Vernon Dursley took the family on a trip to escape from the Hogwarts letters trying to reach Harry Potter, Dudley complained to his mother Petunia Dursley that he had missed an episode of this show.

Behind the scenes

  • The show appears to be some sort of circus show, as 'The Great' is a name many circuses use, however, the explicit details are yet to be revealed.


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