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The Essential Defence Against the Dark Arts[1], also known simply as Defence Against the Dark Arts[3] was a book on fighting the dark arts, written by Arsenius Jigger sometime before 1993.


It was used by Professor Lupin as a required textbook for his third-year defence against the dark arts class. It was published by Luca Books[1]


This book had information on various dark creatures, such as:

Behind the scenes

  • It is believed by some (though not proven), due to the similarities in text, that the page on werewolves seen in the films is copied from a website.
  • There are at least two different versions of the prop for this book. The version sold by MinaLima Design has the text on the cover composed of random letters, while the one showcased at Harry Potter: The Exhibition (seen at the top of this page) has the letters form various words related to the series.


Notes and references

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