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"You will find on the tables before you copies of The Dream Oracle, by Inigo Imago. Dream interpretation is a most important means of divining the future and one that may very probably be tested in your OWL."
Professor Trelawney[src]

The Dream Oracle is a leather-bound book written by Inigo Imago on the subject of dream interpretation[1].

It was required for Professor Trelawney's fifth year divination classes.[1] Professor Trelawney had already set them out on the tables in the Divination Classroom rather than having her students buy them,[1] something unusual at Hogwarts.[2]

The introduction took twenty minutes to read,[3] and was known to provide some information on dream interpretation.[1]


Notes and references

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  3. As a double lesson is an hour, a single hour must therefore be half an hour. Ten minutes left for dream interpretation subtracted from half an hour total class time equals twenty minutes of reading time.

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