"When young Harry here stepped into Flourish and Blotts this morning to purchase my autobiography, Magical Me — which, incidentally is celebrating its twenty-seventh week atop The Daily Prophet's Bestseller List — he had no idea that he would, in fact, be leaving with my entire collected works!"
—Gilderoy Lockhart[src]

The Daily Prophet's Bestseller List was a list published by the Daily Prophet denoting the top-selling books of the current week. Gilderoy Lockhart's Magical Me once spent at least twenty-seven weeks at the number one spot on this list, around the time of Harry Potter and the Weasley family's visit to Diagon Alley in August of 1992.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • It is unclear whether other best-selling books mentioned in the series, such as Lockhart's mention in the book of an unspecified book sitting six months on a best-sellers' list, are referring to this list or another, as of yet unidentified, bestseller list. Since Lockhart was a master of self-publicity, it would be illogical to presume anything.


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