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The Blind Pig Poster

The painting hiding the door to The Blind Pig

This painting concealed the entrance to the The Blind Pig, a wizarding speakeasy that was located at 124 Macdougal Street, New York in the 1920s.[1][2]

The painting was designed to look like a static advertisement for lipstick.[1] It included the taglines "Lips That Charm!" and "Enchanting. Beguiling. Alluring.", and a small indication saying the product was "Manufactured in Milwaukee, WI."[2] However, when a magical person approached the painting, it came to life.[1][3] The underlying brick wall dissolved to reveal a door.[4]

Behind the scenes

  • Graphic designer Eduardo Lima said that they based this ad on make-up ads from the period including the colour palette and font.[1]
  • This ad can be seen on Google Street View outside the location for The Blind Pig.[2]


Notes and references