"The Ballad of Angry Angus McMangus" was a poem composed by Miranda Goshawk and published in the Book of Spells as the conundrum accompanying the book's third chapter. The poem tells the tale of Angus McMangus, a Hogwarts student who had capability, but lacked patience and calm.

The poem

Oh, Angus McMangus, you should have been great!
With talents aplenty — success on a plate!
We all thought you'd garner great grades quite securely —
But Angus McMangus, your spells turned out poorly.
I first heard you roar on the day we did Charms
Your shouting put everyone into alarms
'I can't — it's a joke — this whole class is a flop!'
Your fist crashing down made experiments stop.
Again, and again, with just ten minutes gone
Of each class you would blow up — 'no, everything's wrong!
I can't be expected to work in this way!'
And you'd throw half-made jiggers and potions away
'Calmly!' said teachers, and 'just give it time!'
But Angus McMangus thinks waiting's a crime.
If he can't do it straight away, or double quick,
He'll snatch up his wand and — crack — one broken stick.
'It ought to be done now!' 'I've tried once already!'
In vain did your teachers cry, 'Steady, now, steady!'
So Angus McMangus, it's you I must blame
It's all your own fault that you didn't win fame.
Now answer me, students, what did Angus lack?
What didn't he do, which will keep YOU on track?