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The American Charmer[2] was a popular American fashion magazine, published since 1911.[3] It cost 23 sprinks in 1926.[2]

The August 1926 issue focused on the latest summer fashions, with the headline "Spellbinding Summer Sizzlers! Latest Cuts Straight from the Black Catwalk".[2]


Notes and references

  1. The periodicity of this publication is unusual: the August 1926 edition says on its front cover that is the 6th issue of that year, meaning that there have been 6 issues in 8 months. Dividing the timespan (8 months) by the number of issues (6) gives the frequency of publication: 1 issue every 1⅓ months (⅓ of a month is roughly 1,5 weeks, or 10 days).
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  3. The volume number of the August 1926 issue was "XV", indicating that it had been in publication for fifteen years at that time.

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