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Promotional image of The 8th Horcrux released during the promotion of Potterwatch!

The 8th Horcrux is a wizard rock band from Ottawa, Kansas. The group specialises in parodies of familiar songs, adding a Harry Potter twist.

In 2009, the band released their debut album, Potterwatch!, selling all copies in less than three weeks. In late 2010, the band released Accio Awesome to similar critical and commercial success. The band recently released 100 copies of their third album, Noize From the Cupboard in the summer of 2011. In the summer of 2012, the band released their fourth album Ridiculously Wicked. Critically, the band has been a success, receiving praise from the students of Ottawa High School, various Kansas libraries and local newspapers.

To date, the band has released four full-length albums, four EPs, one live album, and is currently planning two compilation albums.



The 8th Horcrux, or, more specifically, the album Potterwatch!, began after Thomas happened to stumble upon the genre of 'Wizard Rock.' Inspired by this new found music style, and the then-recent Harry Potter movie, Thomas, and fellow friend and musician, Trina Sieg, began working on a wrock-themed album. Dubbing themselves “The 8th Horcrux,” they became a parody band, much in the vein of “Weird Al” Yankovic, which devoted the entirety of its content to anything relating to the Harry Potter series.

Potterwatch! (2009-2010)

After a few months of writing and recording, the band whittled their ideas to several key parodies of The Lonely Island, Flobots, Meredith Brooks, My Chemical Romance, The Beatles, blink-182, Bowling for Soup, Alien Ant Farm, The Who, Green Day. In the final stages of recording, the Green Day parody ("The Chosen One" a parody of "Know Your Enemy") and the blink-182 parody ("The Yule Ball" a parody of "The Rock Show") were shelved for the bands sophomore album. Several other parodies were added, including a Gym Class Heroes parody and a Bloodhound Gang parody. On 22 October, the band released their debut album, Potterwatch!

Accio Awesome (2010)

In December of 2009, the band began working on their second album, titled Accio Awesome. The album was released on November 3, 2010, selling dozens of copies on the first day of release. To promote the album, the band held a series of events, including a show at the local library. Eventually, the band was featured in Ottawa's newspaper.[1][2]

Noize From the Cupboard (2010-2012)

On April 16, The 8th Horcrux released two EPs, I Love Hogwarts and We R Death EateRs, for free to celebrate Record Store Day.

In the spring of 2011, the band once again regrouped to record their third album, titled Noize From the Cupboard. The album was released on the first of July. Noize From the Cupboard was released on Bandcamp. During this time, the band was also nominated for Best Album (2010's Accio Awesome) and Best Female Vocals in the preliminary rounds for the wizard rock award show the Wizzies.[3] However, the band did not make it any further than the preliminary round.

In celebration of over 300 Facebook likes on the band's page, the band released the Pottermost! EP for free on their Bandcamp in August.

Ridiculously Wicked (2012-2013)

In early January, the band began releasing singles from their soon-to-be-released fourth album, scheduled to be released in July of 2012. The first single, "If You Wanna Rock at Quidditch," was released on January 13, and the second single was "Crabbe and Goyle," released on January 28. On April 21, the band released a free EP, titled Happy Record Store Day, which included "If You Wanna Rock at Quidditch" and "Crabble and Goyle", as well as a demo of their song "Kreacher". On June 17, the band announced that the tentative name for their new album would be Ridiculously Wicked'. The original name for the album was slated to be Riddikulusly Wicked, but the band changed their minds, realising that "Riddikulus" was difficult to spell, and by proxy, difficult for fans to locate on the internet.

Greatest Hits (2013-2016)

In the summer of 2013, the band compiled many of their songs onto a 'greatest hits' album of sorts (the title, being an obviously tongue-in-cheek reference to the fact that the band has never charted a single, as well as the fact that the songs on the album are parodies of other people's 'greatest hits'). The album is currently available for streaming via Bandcamp.

Fantastic Beats & Where to Hear Them (2016-present)

Near the start of 2015, the band released a statement on their Facebook page that they would be releasing four new parodies, one every other day starting on January 19. These songs would comprise their release Finite Incantatem! These songs (minus their re-recording of "Ron's Woeful Christmas (The Sweater Song)") would later appear on their fifth studio album, entitled Fantastic Beats & Where to Hear Them. This record was released in the summer of 2016.

Near the end of 2016, the band released The Chamber of Secret Tracks, a compilation of songs that just missed the cut for inclusion on the band's 2013 greatest hits album.



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