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[[ru:Фаддеус Феркл]]
[[fr:Thadée Thurkell]]
[[fr:Thadée Thurkell]]
[[it:Thaddeus Thurkell]]
[[it:Thaddeus Thurkell]]

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Thaddeus Thurkell (16321692) was a wizard who had seven sons who were all Squibs. He transfigured them into hedgehogs out of disgust.

The birth of a single Squib to a magical parent is known to be a rare event. This would seem to indicate that the case of the Thurkell family was quite exceptional.


The name "Thaddeus" comes from Θαδδαιος (Thaddaios), the Greek form of the Aramaic name Thaddai. It is possibly derived from a word, meaning "heart", but it may in fact be an Aramaic form of a Greek name such as Theodoros.


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