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{{Tlx}} is a generalization of {{Tl|x}}, {{Tlp|x|y}}, {{Tl2|x|y|z}}, etc. with arguably better readable output. This depends on the browser, but too narrow uses of "{", "|", "}" in conjunction with links can be hard to read.


{{Tlx|template name}}
{{Tlx|template name|param}}
{{Tlx|template name|1|2|3}}
{{Tlx|template name|1|2|3|more}}
{{Tlx|template name|param=value}}

Up to three placeholders for parameters of the specified template


Code Result Remark
{{Tlx|x0}} {{x0}}  
{{Tlx|x1|one}} {{x1|one}}  
{{Tlx|x2|one|two}} {{x2|one|two}}  
{{Tlx|x3|1|2|3}} {{x3|1|2|3}}  
{{Tlx|x4|1|2|3|4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} up to 3 parameters
{{Tlx|x4|1|2|3|4}} {{x4|1|2|3|4}} | for more
{{Tlx|x1|x=u}} {{x1|x=u}} = won't work
{{Tlx|x1|x=u}} {{x1|x=u}} = is okay
{{Tlx|x1|<nowiki>x=u</nowiki>}} {{x1|<nowiki>x=u}}</nowiki> sticky nowiki is okay
{{Tlx|x2| |two}} {{x2| |two}} empty won't work
{{Tlx|x2|&#32;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &#32; is okay
{{Tlx|x2|&nbsp;|two}} {{x2| |two}} &nbsp; is okay
{{Tlx|x2| &#124; two}} {{x2| | two}} &#124; is okay
{{Tlx|x2| {{!}} two}} {{x2| {{!}} two}} {{!}} is dubious
{{Tlx|x2|2=|3=two}} {{x2|2=|3=two}} empty really doesn't work
{{Tlx|x2|2=one|two}} {{x2|2=one|two}} two clobbers 2=one
{{Tlx|x2|3=two|2=one}} {{x2|3=two|2=one}} right to left okay


As usual we got a zoo of similar templates, * marks redirects to {{Tlx}}:
Usage Code Result
0 Tlx {{Tlx|Tl}} {{Tl}}
0 Tl {{Tl|Tlx}} {{Tlx}}
1 Tlx {{Tlx|Tlp|one}} {{Tlp|one}}
1 Tlp {{Tlp|Tlp|one}} {{Tlp|one}}
1 Tetl {{Tetl|Tlp|one}} {{Tlp|one}}
2 Tlx {{Tlx|Tl2|one|two}} {{Tl2|one|two}}
2 Tlp2 * {{Tlp2|Tlp|Tl|param}} {{Tlp|Tl|param}}
2 Tl2 * {{Tl2|Tlp|Tl|param}} {{Tlp|Tl|param}}
3 Tlx {{Tlx|Tl3|1|2|3}} {{Tl3|1|2|3}}
3 Tlp3 * {{Tlp3|Tl3|1|2|3}} {{Tl3|1|2|3}}
3 Tl3 * {{Tl3|x3|1|2|3}} {{x3|1|2|3}}


Add issues below as you see fit, sign with ~~~~

Thin space

Using <small>&#160;</small> is a kludge, putting it mildly, but the proper &thinsp; is translated to UTF-8 by the server on the fly, and it doesn't work with old browsers. The code column in the example shows this effect - there is of course no such thing as a monospaced &thinsp;, neither emulated nor real.

Another trick used by {{Tlx}} is <tt>&#124;</tt> for the pipe symbol (vertical bar), a monospaced | adjacent to other text is better visible in the output for proportional fonts. I hope you like it, it's not ideal for text mode browsers. -- Omniplex 21:57, 24 March 2006 (UTC)

Space should not show up in copy/paste

The extra space between the braces and the name of the template seems like a problem to me. This template is showing up in the main lists of templates (WP:Templates). It is important that editors be able to copy and paste from these lists directly. The extra spaces mess this up. Some css code is needed to insert spacing, without inserting a character. If this "breaks" on older browsers such that the see output similar to {{tl}}, that's fine.-- Srleffler 05:57, 11 July 2006 (UTC)

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