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CatrionaOlivia Crystal McLaggen 

Born  29 of May 1997 

Blood status : Pureblood 

House Group: Gryffindor 

Year 5th 

Skin Pale 

Hair Brown 

Eyes Green 

~CatrionaMcLaggenCatriona.Mclaggen (talk)

Boggart   Slytherin Bullies and Voldermorts and Death Eaters 

Wand  Vine Wood, 11 Inchs, with heela Hair

Patrouns  Lion 

Animagus  Warewolve 

Cormac McLaggen (Brother)

Ava McLaggen  (Sister )

CorrineAva McLaggen (Sister)

Loads of McLaggen Siblings (Brothers and Sisters )

Mr McLaggen (Father)

Mrs McLaggen  (Mother)

Loyalty  to Gryffindor  House ,

Hogwarts School and Witchcraft and Wizardry 

Dumbledore's Army 

McLaggen Family 

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