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{{Slytherin infobox
|name=''Full name of Slytherin''
|image=''Slytherin image, maximum 250px''
|gender=''Male or Female''
|eyes=''Eye color''
|hair=''Hair color''
|born=''Place of birth and/or year of birth''
|died=''Place of death and/or year of death''
|family=''Known family members''
|blood=''Muggle-born, Half-Blood, or Pure-Blood''
|title=''Known titles, e.g. Headmaster''
|alias=''Known aliases, e.g. Half blood prince''
|wand=''Wand used/owned by the Slytherin''
|boggart=''Boggart seen by the Slytherin, e.g. Full Moon''
|patronus=''Patronus of the Slytherin, e.g. Doe''
|animagus=''Animagus of the Slytherin, e.g. Rat''
|job=''Job of the Slytherin, e.g. Auror''
|affiliation=''Known, notable affiliations with organizations''
|first=''First appearance, real-world chronology''
|latest=''Latest appearance, real-world chronology''
|last=''Last appearance, real-world chronology''
|cause=''Cause of last appearance, e.g. death''
|portrayer=''Actor(s) portraying the Slytherin''

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{{Slytherin infobox


{{subst:Character infobox|bgcolor1=#337147|bgcolor2=#5AB577}}

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