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Welcome to the Portal Template. This template allows a quick and easy way to feature a table of objects with images that link to the objects.


Standard Syntax

|Box1 ImageLink = 
|Box1 Image     = 
|Box1 Caption   = 

|Box2 ImageLink = 
|Box2 Image     = 
|Box2 Caption   = 

|Box3 ImageLink = 
|Box3 Image     = 
|Box3 Caption   = 

|Box4 ImageLink = 
|Box4 Image     = 
|Box4 Caption   = 


  • Up to 8 boxes are allowed, boxes 5-8 are on the second line.
  • The Caption field, as well as the Header field, are both limited to a maximum of 10 wiki-links. More than that, and the text is cut off.
  • [['s and ]]'s are not needed in the ImageLink field.

Additional Fields

|Image Size      = Changes the size of all images by pixel.  Can be entered as a number or numberpx.
|Header          = Adds text to the header (maximum of 10 links within)
|Color           = Changes the background color of the entire section (Default: White)
|Font Color      = Changes the non-linked font color (Default: Black)
|Link Color      = Changes the linked font color (Default: Normal Link Colors)
|Rounded         = Adds rounded corners to the entire section (Add any text to this field to accomplish this)
|NoBorder        = Removes the rectangular border around each box (Add any text to this field to accomplish this)

Additional Syntax

There is an additional way to write the fields and get an image with a link below it:

|Box1            = ImageLink; ImageName.jpg; Caption (The page you want the image to link to;The image you want to show;The caption you want to show)

If there are any questions, or errors, leave a message on my talk page. :)

Nathan (Peteparker) (Earth-1218) (talkcontribsemail) 15:21, 25 February 2009 (UTC)

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