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Usage instructions

{{Dialogue a-b-c-b|speaker a|speaker a dialogue|speaker b|speaker b dialogue|speaker c|speaker c dialogue|speaker b|speaker b dialogue|attribution|source}}


  • If any text is assigned to the source field, it will be rendered as a browser tool tip.



{{dialogue a-b-c-b|Harry|What are they, Hagrid?|Hagrid|Jus' giant grubs,|Ron|And they grow into…?|They won' grow inter nuthin', I got 'em ter feed ter Aragog.|[[Harry Potter]] and [[Ronald Weasley|Ron Weasley]] asking [[Rubeus Hagrid]] about the creature|Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince}}


Harry: "What are they, Hagrid?"
Hagrid: "Jus' giant grubs,"
Ron: "And they grow into…?"
Hagrid: "They won' grow inter nuthin', I got 'em ter feed ter Aragog."
Harry Potter and Ron Weasley asking Rubeus Hagrid about the creature[src]

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