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Broomstick information


|bgcolor1=''Color behind name''
|bgcolor2=''Color behind headers''
|image=''Broomstick image, maximum 250px''
|name=''Name of broomstick''
|producer=''Name of producer, e.g. Cleansweep Broom Company''
|material=''What the broomstick is made of, e.g. willow wood''
|made=''Date/place of making, e.g. 1993, London''
|usage=''Use of broomstick, e.g. travelling''
|features=''Any special features, e.g. never-ending Braking Charm''
|speed=''Maximum speed it can fly, e.g. 250 mph''
|price=''Price of broomstick, e.g. 1000 Galleons''
|owners=''Known owners, e.g. Irish National Quidditch team''

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