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A television is a Muggle device used to transmit images and sound from far away. Muggles use them for entertainment and information acquiring purposes. Most Muggle homes have at least one set, and there is most likely no wizarding world equivalent.[1] Despite this, there was an attempt to create a wizarding television network in the early 1980s, but it was shot down by the British Ministry of Magic. The reasoning behind this was that the broadcast signal of a wizarding television network could have been accidentally picked up by Muggle televisions, causing severe breaches to the Statute of Secrecy. Some wizards felt this did not make sense, as there were multiple wizarding radio channels. So, therefore, a television channel should also be allowed. In response, the ministry proclaimed that Muggles accidentally catching snippets of wizarding radio would dismiss this far easier as their imagination compared to Muggles accidentally tuning in on a wizarding television channel. [2]

In 1991, Harry Potter was allowed to watch television during a visit with Arabella Figg.

Dudley Dursley regularly enjoyed watching television programmes such as The Great Humberto and became distressed if away from the television for too long. He broke his first ever television set by kicking it, following the cancellation of his favourite programme. For the summer holidays, he was given a second television to replace it.

Harry Potter was found by his aunt and uncle, hiding in a large hydrangea bush one evening while listening to the television for news about the mysterious events surrounding Lord Voldemort's return. He was unlucky, however, only hearing things such as news about a Spanish baggage-handlers' strike, an advertisement for Fruit 'n' Bran and fluff news about a water-skiing budgerigar.

Dudley is also rather distracted by the television during the Dursley's dinner with Aunt Marge.

A television was owned by the Luchino Caffe.

A television is found in a secret room at Hogwarts showing a rabbit.


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