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A teddy bear is a stuffed toy that is played with by Muggle and wizarding children alike. It is unknown whether wizard-owned teddy bears have magical properties which Muggle-owned ones do not.

Known owners


Two weeks after Norbert, a Norwegian Ridgeback dragon, hatched in 1992, he grew so large that his keeper, Rubeus Hagrid, was forced to ship him off to the Romanian Dragon Sanctuary. Fearing that he would be lonely on the way there, Hagrid put his teddy bear inside the crate, but he quickly tore it to shreds.[1]

Ron Weasley

At the age of three, Ron Weasley had his teddy bear turned into a "dirty great spider" by his older brother Fred, because he broke the older boy's toy broomstick. This event triggered Ron's fear of spiders.[2]

Harry Potter

When Harry was an infant he owned a teddy bear at Godric's Hollow.

Behind the scenes

  • Fred was two years older than Ron, meaning he would have been five years old when he transformed Ron's teddy bear. Children that young typically have no control over their magic, thus Fred probably performed magic unintentionally, though it is possible that he took the wand of one of his parents or older brothers to perform the spell.


Notes and references

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