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Tarantulas are large, hairy spiders, sharing many qualities to their smaller relatives. As typical arachnids, they have eight legs and eight eyes. They possess venomous (deadly to insects and mice, next to harmless to humans) fangs, and "feelers," pedipalps, on either side of these. To tell a tarantula (as well as trapdoors and other mygalomorphs) from araeneomorphs ("regular spiders"), look at the fangs. An araeneomorph's fangs point towards each other, while a mygalomorph's points down and in.

Tarantulas can be purchased in Knockturn Alley. In 1991, Lee Jordan brought a large tarantula in a box to Platform Nine and Three-Quarters just before the school year began and showed it off to his classmates, both to their horror and delight.

During his campaign to cause "hell" for Dolores Umbridge, Peeves dropped a bag of these in the middle of the Great Hall during breakfast.[1]


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