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Tapestry Corridor OotP
Tapestry Corridor
Location information

First Floor, Hogwarts Castle, Scotland, Great Britain

The Tapestry Corridor [1] is a corridor located on the first floor of Hogwarts Castle. It connects the Viaduct Entrance to the main first floor. Its walls are covered in tapestries and, hung over the tapestries, portraits of wizards. Severus Snape's storeroom is located in this corridor. [2]



One night in 1994, during the time when Sirius Black was at large, Harry Potter saw the name "Peter Pettigrew" appear on the Marauder's Map wandering around this corridor. However, he was under the impression that Pettigrew was dead (having thought to have been murdered by Black) and found it strange that the name appeared on the map. He snuck out of the Gryffindor Common Room to investigate, but he didn't find anything (if he had looked down he would have seen Pettigrew in his rat animagus form). Unfortunately Harry forgot to take his Invisibility Cloak with him, and was cornered by Severus Snape as he was returning from his storeroom. Snape asked Harry what the mysterious piece of parchment he held in his hand was, but Harry simply told him it was a spare bit of parchment. Enraged, Snape pulled out his wand and told the parchment to reveal its secret, but rather than revealing the Map, it instead gave Snape a very rude message. Snape promptly confiscated the Map and handed it to Remus Lupin, who was passing, telling Lupin to investigate any hidden properties it may possess. Lupin bade Snape goodnight, then instructed Harry to follow him to his office, where he punished him for sneaking out at night and told him that he would not cover up for him again. [3]


In 1995, Snape and Igor Karkaroff discussed the Dark Mark on their arms inside his storeroom, while Harry was passing by. When they noticed Harry was there, Igor left. Snape then accused Harry of having stolen Gillyweed, Boomslang skin and lacewing flies from his personal stores, a crime Harry was later found not guilty of during the interrogation of Barty Crouch Jr., who had been posing as Alastor "Mad-Eye" Moody all year. [2]


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