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Some of the lyrics are wrong, and I know a few of the ones that are missing. Not all, of course, but I did pick up quite a bit since I work right next to the stage (at the money exchange). Tried to edit but the lyrics are protected. Anyway, here's what I know:

“You thought you were so clever but in truth you’re a crook”

“You stole my cauldron
My favourite black hat
Purloined my owl
and flew off like a vampire bat”

“Oh sure, you’re quite the dancer, swept me off of my feet,
but back here on the ground I see a liar and cheat

“You stole my cauldron
the toads from my pond
crystal vines of my memories
plus my larch and phoenix feather wand”

“And that’s worth so much to you
But love is priceless,
like a rare work of art”

—The preceding unsigned comment was added by Witch teller815 (talkcontribs).

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