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Known Welsh People

I don't know how to add the links but here is a (incomplete) list of knows Welsh People.

Eurig Cadwallader; Darren Floyd; G. F.; Jackie Jernigan; Gwenog Jones; Hestia Jones (possibly); Megan Jones (likely); Peter Jones (possibly); King Henry VII (Squib (possibly)); Hope Lupin (née Howell) (Muggle, mother of Remus Lupin); Remus Lupin!!!!; Gwendolyn Morgan; Valmai Morgan; Iefan Rice; Grugwyn Rufford Celestina Warbeck Celestina Warbeck's son (possibly a Squib); Mrs Warbeck (Muggle, mother of Celestina Warbeck) Mr Warbeck

Blodwyn Bludd (Vampire) --Don-Jam (talk) 15:47, February 3, 2017 (UTC)

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