I've tried and Tried to get the 3 Pictures of this Man in the forest, him yelling at hagrid, and announcing that theres no sign of harry But I just cant!!!!!!!!!!! Help >.< YaxleySnape 11:08, October 2, 2011 (UTC)

This man is just so funny. Everyone started laughing when he said, "No sign of him, my Lord," and the camera panned on him. And then the random "Quiet!"... everyone loved that. But I really like it though. AlastorMoody 21:58, October 13, 2011 (UTC)

Yeah Yeah I loved that. Really random when he says the words And has part of hit teeth showing and close screened like a scratched faced dopey man. Then suddenly "QUIET!" and he stares at Harry like "Oooh hello handsome move out of the way he's gonna kill ya"

The actor is not Tony Kirwood. His name is Peter G. Reed. I found out it when I saw a wiki about the TV mini-series Demons. There he is playing the role of a guy called Zippy. The name of the actor playing this role isn't mentioned but you can see him on a pic. It's definatley the guy who is playing this unkown Death Eater. So the actor is Peter G. Reed. By the way, Tony Kirwood is portraying a Death Eater who can bee seen standing next to the Death Eater portrayed by Emil Hostina. You can see both standing near the Malfoys when they asked Draco to join them before the final battle starts. Here is also a link to proof my arguments about Peter Reed:

PERSONALLY I agree! Look at this picture:

Peter G. Reed


Tony Kirwood

This is not Tony Kirwood


Same Death Eater?

Isn't this Death Eater and the Unidentified Death Eater killed by Kingsley Shacklebolt the same one? Andre G. Dias (talk) 05:28, March 25, 2014 (Brazil)