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Shrinking Charm?

Before anyone raises any objections to the "merge" tag I put on there, I wanted to raise some points. First of all, it already says on the page for the Shrinking Charm that that was probably used to counteract Densaugeo. Since Densaugeo is the same as the tooth-growing spell, that must mean that whatever spell shrunk Harry's teeth in Deathly Hallows is the same spell that was used to shrink Hermione's teeth in Goblet of Fire. Second of all, sense is on the side for merging it. This spell shrinks teeth, the Shrinking Charm (presumably) shrinks objects, so we shouldn't need to see a shrink to see that this makes sense. Third, we're all jumping for joy when two things are somewhat similar on this wiki, and we insist that they be merged. I've just proven why this would work, so hopefully you're all okay with that. Hunnie Bunn 23:34, April 7, 2012 (UTC)

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