Does we really need this page? It is not a part of the Harry Potter-universe or related stuff. It only refers to the Harry Potter-series like so many films and series, the Hannah Montana-series, the Wizards of Waverly Place-series, The Suite Life-series, the Pair of Kings-series, has done. --Danniesen, 09:45, March 24, 2012 (Denmark)

I fail to see how this page is different than MAD Magazine or Robot Chicken (though the latter right now could use some work). Unlike most shows that will spend a single episode parodying something, Billy and Mandy spent four episodes fleshing out the parody characters' continuity in a show that generally doesn't have much of any, and even deemed it important enough to the show to include content from it in the video game. -- 1337star (Owl Post) 16:07, March 24, 2012 (UTC)
It doesn't matter how important Harry Potter is to Billy and Mandy, the fact remains that Billy and Mandy are not important at all to Harry Potter. There characters are only really loosely based on the Harry Potter characters anyway, and I can hardly see Grim being competent enough to make the three Hallows like Harry Potter's Death did. American Dad had an episode where Steve went to Hogwarts. Do you think we should have an episode on them? Doctor Who had an episode where Shakespeare had to use Expelliarmus to defeat witches, so should we have an article on them. The Simpsons' Angelica Button series is probably referenced in that show much more often than Nigel Planter is referenced in Billy and Mandy, and they've also got references to the real Harry Potter, and a Halloween episode that directly spoofs it. Harry Potter is a huge pop culture, and pretty much everything references it at some point or another. It might make sense for a Billy and Mandy wiki to have a page on Harry Potter, but it would be stupid to make a page on this wiki for every show that references Harry Potter.Icecreamdif 22:19, April 3, 2012 (UTC)
That would be part of the reason I created this article: to gauge inclusion guidelines for parodies. If you want to see this article deleted, by all means nominate it for deletion. I look forward to the discussion that will (hopefully) bring. -- 1337star (Drop me a line!) 22:50, April 3, 2012 (UTC)
Well, I nominated it for deletion so feel free to discuss it there, but couldn't you have just started a discussion about guidelines for parodies without creating a page that may just be deleted?Icecreamdif 23:43, April 3, 2012 (UTC)