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Added names

The names added to the text ("Laura and Chas", "Terry Michelle Chloe and Aimee" & "Debbie Amy and Leon") are currently treated as complete names separated by the word "and"; I propose that these should actually be treated as separate first names (e.g. Terry, Michelle, Chloe, Debbie & Amy) instead.

All are common first names, rarely found as surnames, and, in the case of "Terry Michelle", seemingly of mixed gender (Terry is predominantly a male name). Each case follows the format of one or more name followed by "and" and then one more name, which makes it seem likely that if, for example, Leon hadn't been added, the text would have read "Debbie and Amy" instead. They have also been inserted into the existing text without any concern for punctuation or grammar, which makes the lack of commas separating the names unimportant: whoever added them just wanted to put them in the text, and wasn't concerned with readability!

Also, if anyone knows whether the names added to the text were chosen randomly (the variant spellings Amy and Aimee seem to weigh against this), or are the first names of actual people (perhaps, going with the Easter Egg theory, the names of people in the special effects department or their friends and families?) then that might clear up how we should understand them.

I've added comments on the relevant talk pages, and depending on the outcome of the discussion, and if there are any objections, will make the changes when I can. --xensyriaT 11:59, June 29, 2012 (UTC) EDIT: 13:08, June 29, 2012 (UTC)

Update: I've found the following names in the Visual Effects Department of the film:
  • Laura Scholl (look development lead: SPI)
  • Chas Jarrett (CGI animation supervisor: MPC)
  • Terry Bridle (senior modeller: motion control & model unit)
  • Michelle Urbano (matchmove lead)
  • Michelle Motta (digital paint and rotoscope artist: ILM)
  • Aimee Campbell (matchmover: SPI, credited as Aimee E. Campbell)
  • Aimee Campbell (cloth artist: SPI, uncredited)
  • Debbie Denise (visual effects executive producer: SPI)
  • Amy Christensen (3D matchmove artist: ILM)
  • Amy Ryan Gunson (visual effects, uncredited)
So with the exception of Chloe and Leon (who may be uncredited, friends, family or colleagues who didn't work on the film) we've got people to match all the names, even obscure ones. I'll add this to the Behind the scenes Easter Egg section and make relevant Behind the scenes sections on each of the articles once I've waited to see if anyone objects to my proposal. --xensyriaT 12:56, June 29, 2012 (UTC)